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Ā Introducing “Golden Hours” series as a poignant exploration ofĀ  personal reflections on love and loss. The use of warm and golden hues in these paintingsĀ  symbolize a sense of nostalgia, comfort, and the cherished memories of a missed loved one, In this case The artists Mother passed away in 2023.

Intentional colours evoke the warmth of sunlight, representing the positive aspects of a relationship. A sunny disposition in the midst of heavy grief suggests a metaphorical connection between the warmth of sunlight and the positive impact someone canĀ  have had on your life. It’s a symbol of hope and enduring love. There’s a discernible narrative or emotional progression across the series, it adds depth to the personal exploration of love and loss. Viewers might sense a journey through the artists personal experiences. It translates as a journey of love and hope.

The Return is the fist painting In the series. Completed after the passing of Jess’ Mother She explored and alchemised the grief through painting this large scale artworks. expressive brushstrokesĀ  capturing the emotional intensity and personal nature of her reflections. This technique can convey a sense of raw and authentic emotion.

The arrangement of elements in the paintingĀ  focuses onĀ  the feeling of letting go,Ā  however, also contributes to a sense of visual harmony and balanceĀ  reflecting the emotional equilibrium you are seeking in the face of loss.

The painting emphasises texture with many layers of underpaintings it could represent the complexity of emotions. The layering can symbolize the depth of feelings and the multifaceted nature of love and loss.

the bittersweet nature of memories, and the way moments of joy can be found even in the darkest times.

To vie the process of this painting please follow the artists Tiktok pageĀ @jesskahannigan







Weight 2.5 kg
Dimensions 1520 × 40 × 1210 cm

Bronze, Silver


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