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“I got my first tattoo from Jess in 2015.
Like many others I waited in anticipation for an appointment, and I was not disappointed!
After getting a few tattoos from Jess I asked her to tattoo me intuitively.

As tends to happen with Jess she had been painting intuitively at the time and I put my full trust in her knowledge and ability to create the perfect tattoo for me.
Again, I was not disappointed!!
The tattoo that Jess created for me has meant more and more to me over time.
I’ve since had a number more intuitive tattoos from Jess and I have to say that her intuition is becoming more and more on point!
The work created for me by Jess is so specific to me and my life that there is no way that it could have been created without jess being a conduit for the Divine!

It’s a scary thing, thrusting a tattoo artist, its such a personal and permanent journey that you go on.
But I promise that the art and energy that Jess will share with you will be exactly what you need, so don’t be afraid to hand your skin over to Jess.

I am so excited to see the incredible art and healing that is going to come from jess truly stepping in to her intuitive and healing abilities!”


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